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Ezetimib online kaufen Schweiz

Post by TainaDow » Fri Sep 27, 2019 11:13 am

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Greenwich full body sex toy for men

Post by SumoTen » Fri Sep 27, 2019 11:16 am

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How to be good dust
What exactly is making love well? Do you know many tricks? Does the other person have many orgasms? Is it measured in quality or quantity? The answers and recommendations from the hand of an expert.
What exactly is making love well? : Know many tricks ?, That the other person has many orgasms ?, is measured in quality or quantity? The answers and recommendations from the hand of an expert.
All these questions and doubts come to light in the office when I speak with the consultants on this subject. Several of them tell me that they are bad or bad loversguess” what excites his partner most, so that this reconfirms that we are doing well.
Under this look, what is the focus of attention in these moments of intimacy? The other person. And then, why do we think we are bad at making love? We give full attention to what our partner thinks of us, whether we did it well or not according to cultural standards, instead of immersing ourselves in our sensations, taking advantage of the moment as a stimulus of our own pleasure and enjoying the whole body, sharing and of the magic that is created in the encounter with the couple.
It is not right to blame the other person for not enjoying sexual intercourse, as this can create great traumas. The responsibility of having a good time in bed is in each one of us, not in what our partner does or does not do. This is why having good sexual communication is extremely important.
Genital sex is a matter of two (or more) and is not an exam. Each encounter is unique, so there is no pre-established guide that says what we should do. I advise not to do what is believed to be done, rather, that the opportunity is given for the moment to dictate the steps; listen to what our partner tells us (what he likes or what excites him); read the movements, the breath, the looks and the sensations, moving away the reason and the thought of the moment (Read: 'The 9 errors of the men in the bed').
A good sexual relationship is when each of the people is focused on having a good time for themselves from curiosity and fun, using the couple's body as an instrument of their own pleasure and leaving aside what the other person will say and the judgment inside.
It is giving and receiving, not giving to get. If you have a good time, surely your partner will also have fully enjoyed it, because they do not focus on the thought of being, but on feeling and being. And so, our level of enjoyment would be based on certainties and not on assumptions and deductions.
(Also read: 'Things they hate to hear in bed')

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Post by Ronniehak » Fri Sep 27, 2019 11:21 am


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Post by TainaDow » Fri Sep 27, 2019 11:25 am


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